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my story

Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at my page. 

We first started this project back in the year 2017. 

Over the years I.M.M.E evolved into a very special and unique Charity & Company called I.M.M.E. Foundation & I.M.M.E Media.


I.M.M.E is named after my daughter Imogen. Her nickname is Imme and she is the one who inspired me to create what I have today to help others. So I named my charity & Company after her so she is part of this amazing adventure and remembered in the future.


We gave it a meaning , I.M.M.E stands for; 


   I .  imagine


     M.  memories 

      E. everywhere

Our story has reached far and wide and still going strong to this day.


5 million views world wide.

Come see some of the story's




designing a better life


V.R Producer bringing wonderful scenes to life

Good Day to you all, My name is Craig Chaytor I've have been a big fan of gadgets and tech all my life but started a career in bakery / catering.

It was a enjoyable career. From starting at the bottom over the years i climbed the ladder and reached head chef and management. 

Then my life would change forever......


Back in 2016 I started watching V.R videos on my smart phone with a simple cardboard headset, many laughs and enjoyment was seen with most of my family but when my daughter Imogen had a go she did not enjoy the experience at all.

It was to over whelming for her to take in and she had a sensory overload.

Looking through the video library I didn't come across any videos that would suit a child with a disability.


So I took it upon my self while working as a chef to learn all the skills and knowledge about virtual reality and sensory therapy which i could use to help my daughter thrive.


One world became two and many more were created. Imogen started showing positive signs she was learning from them in education but was also benefiting her health as well. That was my moment as a dad I knew I had to carry on to give her a better life and the I.M.M.E project was born. 


I create worlds that brings a new way of teaching children but easily accessible through a special book and smart device. 

Combining books and tech together.

It's been a wonderful and amazing journey for myself and my family, something I made for my daughter has the power to help others.

I'm inspired to keep pushing myself to learn new things to keep giving and helping others.

Great people around the world have seen my story when it went viral and reached out to help my journey ;

Design council

Deborah Meaden ( Dragon Den judge )

BBC Family & Education


BBC world


The Design Unit

Williams syndrome Charity  

The list goes on and on but many more great people have been involved which has inspired me to keep going.

Still to this day my journey continues 

Thank you for reading.