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I.M.M.E Wedding package 


something new and different for every couple.

We create and film a personalised wedding book of your special day. 

Depending on the package you will receive  :


  • Your story as a couple.

  • Personalised messages from. the bride and groom written by the bride and groom, with a photo shoot.

  • Photo album of the wedding day.

  • A special link which takes you back to your wedding day. 

  • love heart copper USB stick

  • house plant


We film your entire wedding with V.R. cameras to capture full 360 degree footage of your special day. So you don't miss a moment.

 Come take a look

and see how

we capture your first day as

Mr & Mrs.....  



I.M.M.E Media Ltd has a foundation to help others. So we as a company take 5% of our profits to help others. So when you book with us it has a meaning, knowing your helping towards a good cause .

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An example of your book 


Book an appointment to have a consultation. If your location is further then my local area we will hold a video consultation.


Once booked I will travel to your location to hold a interview with the bride and groom. Have a photo shoot and get your written stories for each other.


Discuss design of the book. We have a vast design portfolio for you to choose from. 

Your big day 

Once we have all that in place the next step is to come film your special day and make it into a book for you to treasure forever.


Starting price for this amazing new service for your wedding is £500 Upwards. 

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