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Product Description

I.M.M.E is a book created to help children in many ways, from education, wellbeing, health and mental health. I.M.M.E was created to provide sensory therapy, distraction therapy, fun and help to read and most of all a new way of entertainment. 

We do this by combining the I.M.M.E book with your smart phone or tablet. Once you finish reading the story you simply scan the page and your device will turn into that story putting you in a 1 on 1 Virtual reality show bringing the story to life. 

There is OVER 4 hours of stories created for you.

Truly an amazing way to encourage children to read books that has many proven benefits for them.

I.M.M.E is mobile, so this is a great way to provide sensory & distraction therapy to help your children at their time of need from hospital visits, days out, car journeys etc. 


I.M.M.E is been tested by the NHS and has the approval of many members of the education system.

 I.M.M.E also collaborated with the following below which feature in the book.  

Online colouring
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