Loving the experience

This wonderful girl embraced the Sensory feeling straight away. I got told by her teachers that sometimes she doesn't adapt well to new things. Taking this on board we let her play with the headset while the sensory footage was playing for a few minutes to show her that it safe. To our amazement she soon had it on and was enjoying the full experience, brought a tear to one of the teachers truly amazing to see.

A young lad in Imogen local school using the project in the trails

As you can see in this picture he was fully enjoying the experience and was amazed by what he was seeing. The project helped  him to start singing and saying words while watching it

Imogen in school

In this picture you see my daughter having a go as well with her friends she amazed by the stars. All in all the trails were a success every child showed a massive interest in the project and wanted to see more but time was against us i the school.

The Beginning 

From what started as a dad love to help aid his daughter turns into something beautiful. This is my first video I made showing the impacts it had on Imogen. Then we launched trails at Imogen school with her class friends to see if it had the same affect on other children. The results were so positive the teachers started to cry. On that day I.M.M.E was born and years later, with hard work, persistence   inspiration we became what we are today helping so many children on a large scale