I.M.M.E Media

Family Company


Idea to reality


Bringing Joy to all

Changing lives


Helping others

World wide Story

Built from the ground up 

 Combining books and Virtual reality together, we've created  a magical and unique way for you to treasure your precious moments. 


Interactive children books designed to support mental health , sensory therapy, aid in education and encourage

reading. Plus many more. 


Beautiful weddings books just for you, that features a biography of the bride and groom, love notes, photo album and a front row seat to your wedding day. In a 360 degree view we film your wedding day to capture every special moment to treasure for a life time.


Photography and videography service :


To create bespoke personal exclusive books  

Service hire for functions to events

Photo shoots  

We offer it all. 

Come take a look below 


Our number one vision is to create memories that last a life time.      

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